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We are witnessing the ongoing changes that are happening in Panchevo. Old houses are being demolished daily, and new multi-storey buildings are being built instead, which changes the city landscape. Unfortunately, the old places and the stories of vibrant life within them are quickly forgotten.

The goal of this activity is to preserve the information on buildings that are disappearing. This data is available to every individual who wants do track the changes in the city.

In order to add an object into the database, the date of building/destruction should be known. It is also possible to add a description (who was the owner, in case it was a shop/cafe it should be noted in the description, etc).

The data on objects is collected in several ways:

  1. Books/newspapers/Web sites;
  2. Satelite images (Google Earth program includes satelite images of Panchevo since 2006, so it is possible to track destruction and creation of certain buildings);
  3. Field work;
  4. Citizens participation (every individual can send us the data about an object for which they own any information).

If you have information on any object within the territory of Panchevo, you can contact us in several ways:

  1. via e-mail:
  2. via social networks Facebook and Instagram

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