Kralya Petra Prvog Sq. Panchevo (Serbia)

(Трг краља Петра Првог)

Street ID: 803138100017

Old names

Name Period Dokument
Трг краља Петра Првог (Serbian) 1993 — today Сл. лист СО Панчево, Алибунар и Опово 1993/13 source
Трг Бориса Кидрича (Serbian) 1956 — 1993
Трг ослобођења (Serbian) 1946 — 1956 Постер - Градски народни одбор Панчево 1946 source
Краља Петра трг (Serbian) 1944 — 1946
Adolf Hitler Platz
(Трг Адолфа Хитлера)
1941 — 1944 Постер - Gassen und Straßennamеn der Stadt Pantschowa source
Краља Петра трг (Serbian) 1920 — 1941
Велики трг — пијаца (Serbian) 1918 — 1920
Franz Josefs Platz
Francz Josef tér
Франц Јозефов трг ()
1891 — 1918 Лист „Donau-Temes-Bote“ бр. 17 од 26.2.1891. source
Haupt Platz
(Groser Platz)
1855 — 1891 План Панчева (1855) source
Grosser Martk Platz
(Nagy piacz)
1855 План Панчева (1855) source
Табла са називом улице/трга — Трг краља Петра Првог, Panchevo

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Person / object

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Peter I was King of Serbia from 15 June 1903 to 1 December 1918. On 1 December 1918, he became King of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, and he held that title until his death three years later. Since he was the king of Serbia during a period of great Serbian military success, he was remembered by Serbians as King Peter the Liberator and also as the Old King.

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